LIFX Control 0.2.0 Released

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This update brings a new action to the plugin which allows you to change the brightness of your devices, separate from the color. This may have a slight delay compared to setting the color due to the fact it has to look up the current color information in order to set the brightness due to the way LIFX does things.

Known Issues

  • Occasionally the mac address will be shown instead of the label you have given a device in the LIFX app. This usually happens when a device doesn’t respond in time to a request in time. Re-running a discovery will usually fix it.

Found a bug?

If you think you’ve found a bug you can let me know a few ways. You can submit the bug in the GitLab Issues, or you can join my Discord where and post in the LIFX Control channel.

If you have found a security issue, I urge you to either use a confidential issue in GitLab, or reach out to me privately in order to give me some time to fix it. You can reach out to me via DM on Twitter or via Discord, by joining the server, then finding my name in the users bar under the owner group.

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