Who Am I?

Do you mean where I’m from? What I one day might become? Do you mean what I do? What I’ve done? Do you mean what you see or what I’ve seen? Do you mean what I fear or what I dream? Do you mean what I’ve lost? Who am I? I guess who I am is exactly the same as who you are. Not better than, not less than, because there is no one who has ever been or will ever be exactly the same as either you or me.

In all seriousness, that quote above is from sense8 an amazing show, but I’m just a software engineer trying to leave code better than the way I found it. I’m also tryig to get better about open source contributions and teaching what I know to those interested.

What I do

I am a Software Engineer at F5 Networks, working on internal applications and infrastructure. My day to day can be quite interesting jumping from old IIS web apps that were probably written when I was in high school at the latest, to working in the cloud writing new lambda functions in AWS to meet some new requirement for managing accounts. I get exposed to a-lot of different languages and tools this way, constantly challenged, but it’s good to know that people appreciate my work at the end of the day. Before going any further I’d like to point out that anything posted on this blog is my own view, and do not necessarilly represent the opinion of my employer. I know that wouldn’t save my job if I posted something truely egregious, but worth pointing out that they are not involved or paying for this shrugs.

Another thing I do is that I’m an amerature photographer in my spare time. My favorite thing to photograph is the night sky, however I’m trying a bit of everything right now when it comes to my photography. I would expect to see a few photography posts from time to time as well as my normal technology related ones.